The Zedlers


Out of deep respect and gratitude for all the generations that came before us, here we share the meticulous records of our story-keepers in the Zedler line.  While many things have changed through the last 175 years and 7 generations, the stories that come forward from the facts, remind us that we aren't so different.  We have hardships and triumphs, love and loss, adventures and down-time... just the same as they did.  Just the same as our children will.

What binds up throughout humanity, binds us throughout time.

History of Zedland Farm


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7th Generation - Current Owners

Matt and Erin Zedler.jpg

Matthew John Zedler

     and Erin Marie [Marschall]

Co-Owners / Operators

Matt and Erin are the current operators of Zedland Farm's wedding venue.  They were excited at Tim and Lisa's vision for the farm when the direction changed in 2019 towards weddings.

"Our family has always enjoyed sharing the farm with guests.  Making sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed while they are here just comes so easy to us.  The venue really plays to both of our strengths."

In their blended family they have 5 children, with the youngest, Bodhi, being the only one still at home.  They are used to a lot of moving parts and energy surrounding them.

In the Zedler family tradition, Matt attended St. John's Luthern school and graduated from WLA.  He trained as a chef at MPTC, but has settled into jobs with more traditional hours to be present for his family through the years. 

Erin has been a caretaker her whole adult life; caregiver for seniors, foster mom, avid gardener and Massage Therapist.  She has a massage studio on Zedland Farm and has found that the variety of activites brings her a natural balance and fills her cup with gratitude.  

They know they would not have today's blessings without the love and support of Tim, Lisa, John and Debbie.  They have committed to working hard to make the family proud and keep the farm around for generations to come.



Timothy David Zedler

 and Lisa Marie [ Kimpel ]


Tim is John and Debbie's second born son. Tim started working on the farm feeding calves at the ripe old age of 10. He has many fond memories of crazy things he and Matt did on the farm that boys will do. Many stories Debbie learned about later in life!

He attended St. John's Elementary School in Lomira and graduated from Winnebago Lutheran Academy in 2001. It was in high school that he met his wife, Lisa (nee Kimpel). 

Tim and Lisa dated on and off  junior and senior year, and steadily after high school until they married in 2003. 

In 2004 Tim went back to school, eventually graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh in 2009 with a degree in Special Education. Tim has been a Special Education teacher since 2009, working for the Lomira School District since 2012. 

Lisa was born and raised in Fond du Lac, attending St. Peter's Lutheran School and graduating from Winnebago Lutheran Academy in 2001. She worked at her parents car dealership, Parkside Motors, until they had their first son, Hudson, in 2008. After Hudson was born, she started working at Marian University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. During that time, in 2010 their second son, Levi, was born. 


Throughout this time, while raising 2 boys and going to college, Tim and Lisa convinced John and Debbie Zedler to keep the farm in the family. They bought half of the farm in 2009 and changed the direction of the farm towards Agritourism.  In 2019, they brought in Matt and Erin to expand the farm's ability to host weddings.