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Tim is John and Debbie's second born son. Tim started working on the farm feeding calves at the ripe old age of 10. He has many fond memories of crazy things he and Matt did on the farm that boys will do. Many stories Debbie learned about later in life!

He attended St. John's Elementary School in Lomira and graduated from Winnebago Lutheran Academy in 2001. It was in high school that he met his wife, Lisa (nee Kimpel). 

Tim and Lisa dated on and off  junior and senior year, and steadily after high school until they married in 2003. 

In 2004 Tim went back to school, eventually graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh in 2009 with a degree in Special Education. Tim has been a Special Education teacher since 2009, working for the Lomira School District since 2012. 

Lisa was born and raised in Fond du Lac, attending St. Peter's Lutheran School and graduating from Winnebago Lutheran Academy in 2001. She worked at her parents car dealership, Parkside Motors, until they had their first son, Hudson, in 2008. After Hudson was born, she started working at Marian University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. During that time, in 2010 their second son, Levi, was born. 


Throughout this time, while raising 2 boys and going to college, Tim and Lisa convinced John and Debbie Zedler to keep the farm in the family. They bought half of the farm in 2009 and changed the direction of the farm towards Agritourism.  

Matthew John Zedler


Back row: Matt, Bodhi and Erin

Front row: Shauna, Aiden, Mia, and Auna


7th Generation - Current Owners

     and Erin Marie Nee Marschall

Timothy David Zedler

 and Lisa Marie Nee Kimpel


Hudson, Tim, Lisa, Levi

John and Debbie welcomed their first child in 1980.    He started working on the dairy at a young age as the "hired hand" and helped with milking, feeding, fieldwork and other odd jobs that always seem to need to be done around farms. He attended St. John's Elementary and graduated from WLA in 1998.

After High School, he attended MPTC for the culinary arts.  He worked as a chef for a few years before he got married and started a family.  At that time he started working in manufacturing.  He has interest ranging from butchering and soap making to comics and gaming.

Matt got divorced in 2011 and later in the year reconnected with an old friend, Erin (nee Marschall) Frost, who was also recently divorced.

Erin was born in Fond du Lac and raised in a Fond du Lac Square on Park Avenue.  She graduated from Goodrich High School in 1999, married in 2002, and adopted her twins, Auna and Shauna, in 2009.  She attended Bluesky School of Massage and Bodywork and graduated 10/2012.  She has a passion for lifelong learning, self-actualization, nurturing nature, and connecting with others for holistic healing.


On March 14, 2015, the day of Bodhi's naming ceremony, Matt and Erin surprised everyone (including the kids) by getting married.  In 2017 they moved to the Lomira area to be near the farm and family.  They bought the other half of the farm January 1st, 2019.  

Blending their families they now have 5 children: Shauna, Auna, Aiden, Amelia, and Bodhi.


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