Inspiration Gallery Courtesy of our couples

Coffee Bar at Zedland Wedding

With deepest gratitude to our wonderful couples and photographers. 

Here you can get an idea of the brackdrops that The Overlook Venue at Zedland Farm provides.  Also some fun peeks at their details, decor and special moments.

Grab a cup of your favorite brew and be inspired!  

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PaperRaven Photography

Mr. and Mrs. Fogel


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Our team has over a decade of experience hosting guests on the farm.

Weddings are unique in that there are many moving parts and needs to anticipate.  We have been intentional in our growth to make sure each and every couple can feel how much we care about their experience here.


No one can guarantee perfect, but we can assure you that you will have a resourceful team of problem solvers behind you throughout your day. 


Mr. and Mrs. Kindler

KMauck Photography

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Entertainment adds flavor to the memories!

Live music? Comedian bit while waiting for the buffet?

Wandering magician? Facepainting? Henna tattoos?


We highly recommend spending favor funds on your entertainment!


Think outside the box, make it connect to your story, or build a new one with the whole family.


LotusFly Photography

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Mr. and Mrs. Huettner

Fun and Playful - Swing wedding pics at Zedland's Overlook Venue

We love pets here at Zedland Farm. (There are 6 dogs and 9 grandkids in the 7th generation!)  If you are looking to have your own 4 legged family members join in the ceremony feel free to ask us about it!

Please note our team is extremely busy taking care of all the details behind the scenes, so please plan on having someone assigned to their care and getting them back home after the ceremony!


Mr. and Mrs. Dias 

TiaLee Photography

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