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History of Zedland Farm


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Lester Andrew Zedler and Elizabeth Emma Kuen

Married November 27, 1948

11/22/1919 - 01/08/2002

06/02/1917 - 08/17/1999


Karen, James (Jim), Diane, Nadine, John, Bruce

Bette is remembered for her artistic skill and progressive personality. 


Lester and Elizabeth (Bette) farmed the family dairy farm and also raised pigs and chickens for many years.  After he retired they moved to the village of Lomira on North Avenue.  Lester still drove out to the farm every day to help his son John with the chores.  He enjoyed ice fishing in his younger days, bowling on a league and going to dances.  He was brought up Catholic but did not go back to his church after his marriage.  Quite sometime later, he became a member of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church where he and his wife are buried. 


He went to grade school in the one-room schoolhouse just south of his home.  He did not attend a high school or join the armed services because his father needed him on the farm.  He always enjoyed getting "dressed up" (in a suit and tie) and going out to eat or to a family gatherings with his children and grandchildren.  His pride and joy was his family and his dairy farm.

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