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History of Zedland Farm




03/17/1858 - 02/13/1934


Marie, Oscar, Josephine, Lorenz  

Marrage Not listed

     03/14/1858 - 05/19/1918             

Gotthold Theodor Zedler and Helena Wolenberg

F. Christian
Lena (6)
Paul Zeidler
Marie Kilian (pastor's daughter)
Helene and Marie
Theodor Zedler
Bertha Zedler Stange

Marie Zedler Ponto was born in 1883.  Her grandmother, Auguste Wilhelmine, died in July of 1883 so we believe this picture would have been taken very near her death. 

Theodor was a dairy farmer in the town of Lomira, he owned Sec 34 & 35.  The Zedler homestead was 96 acres and worth$13,235.00 in 1920.


Lorenz was born in 1901, fifteen years after their elder son Oscar.  When Oscar and Dora took over the family farm, Theodor, Helene, and Lorenz moved to a home on Main Street in Lomira. 

Helene Wollenburg, immigrated here when she was10 years old with her Parents, Christian and Friederike, and her 8 siblings

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