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History of Zedland Farm


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  Friedrick Christian Zedler and Auguste Wilhelmine Wiehle

12/17/1834 - 12/23/1903

        04/06/1836 - 07/13/1883

Married March 22, 1857


Gotthold Theodore*, Hermann, Minna*, Anna B., Bertha*, Louis E., Albert C. Martha M., twins; Wilhelm F. and Arther Emil, Twins: Maria Magdalena & Dorothea, Clara, Magdelene (Lena)*. 

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First known picture of Zedland Farm - Probably 1880's

Date on the house looks like 1871.  Note the chimney on the addition.  Must be the part that burned in 1871 or 1874.  Also there are no second floor windows above the porch

F. Christian and Auguste Wilhemine were married March 22nd, 1857, just two weeks before they set sail from Hamburg to New York.  Auguste was pregnant with their first baby, Gotthold Theodor, the summer after they arrived in America.   F. Christian was 22 and Auguste was 20.


Early days of the farm were hard.  They had to work the land, build the homestead, and the out buildings.  They also had to deal with the devastation of losing so many of their children.  Of their 14 children only 4 survived infancy. 

Auguste died in July of 1883, at the age of just 47.  9 months later F. Christian sold the farm to Martin Kube.  Exactly one year later F. Christian bought the farm back.  


The Century farm application says that this happend because of Auguste's death, was this a financial or emotional decision?


Almost 5 years after Auguste's death, F. Christian remarried Fr. W. Stange (nee Zahn)  Nothing else is noted about his second wife.  She died after him.  


Also on the Century farm application it shows that Gotthold Theodor did not take title until 1922.  All women had property rights by 1900 so we should check if his second wife held the farm until 1922

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