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Oscar Christian Zedler and Dora Ann Greiner

12/04/1886 - 03/17/1980

01/30/1886 - 1959

Married November 24, 1914


Dorothy, Lester, Lucille

Oscar and Dora were dairy farmers on the Zedler homestead. Beside dairy cows, they raised pigs, chickens, and geese.  Of course, they did all their own butchering.  When they retired they moved to the Village of Theresa.


Oscar at one time was in charge of hiring the teacher for the Hillside School, a one-room schoolhouse, a quarter mile south of their property and would also give them room and board at times. 

Both are buried at Union Cemetery in Theresa


Dora Ann Greiner

Dora's brother, Andrew Greiner, married Oscar's sister, Josephine.  On Sundays, Oscar would drive Dora into Andrew's house in Theresa. Then he and Josie would go to St. Paul's, where Josie played the organ, while Andrew and Dora went to the Catholic church in Theresa. 


Dora's granddaughter, Karen, spent many years fixing Dora's hair on Saturday afternoons when she was done with her shift.  Insistent on compensating Karen, she gave her many crocheted dish clothes.

Dora enjoyed cross stitch and was known to give embellished tablecloths and napkins for gifts.


Oscar Christian Zedler 

DocFile (3).jpg

Oscar was a member of St. Paul's church council, a farmer, and a diabetic

Zedler Homestead early

This picture was taken around 1910. You can see there are no electric lines to the house.  Oscar and Dora were connected to the electric grid on their 10th wedding anniversary (11/1924)

What a gift!


If you look closely, you can see their 

horse and carriage. Horses were also used to with a pully system to move large loads of hay in the haymow


History of Zedland Farm

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