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03/01/1801 - 03/19/1867

  Gottfried Zedler and

Katharina Ziebart

Married June 22, 1828


August, Maria, Sophia, F. Christian,

Hanrietta, and Albertine

The Zedler family, lead by Gottfried Zedler immigrated here from Gerikenberg, Provins Brandeberg, Prussia in 1858.  They left their mill and extended family behind when they followed their two eldest children, August and Maria, to the fertile green pastures of Wisconsin.  Before they emigrated Gottfried is recorded as having a variety of occupations:  Mill Owner, colonist and justice of the peace (1825), merchant and weaver (1831)



Gottfried Zedler Family Home


Photo taken by Gottfried's grandson, Lenhard Waehler in 1938


Gottfried's Mill

According to the ship's records at the Fond du Lac Library, Gottfried Zedler and his wife, Katharina, came to America on the ship Hammonia, which sailed from Hamburg to New York in 1857.  They arrived in New York on May 16, 1857.  

Gottfr. 56 farmer

Cath. wife

Sophie 24. daughter

Christ. 22 M. son

Henriette 20. F. daughter

Albertine 16. F. daughter

The first New York to Chicago railroad line was completed in 1853.  We are hoping they were able to purchase tickets and make it across in just two days.

The Century Farm Application from 1985 shows that Gottfried purchased the farm for $300 in 1842. The original deed was destroyed in a courthouse fire.



Within a year of their arrival their daughter, Henrietta, was murdered at the age of 21, she was shot from across the street by a jealous lover as she walked out of the grocery store.  Katharina died just 5 years after their arrival at the age of 59.  Gottfried followed her in 1867 (10 years after arrival) so they were not around when the homestead was built in 1871.  All three of their gravestones are at the Union Cemetery in Theresa, WI.   

History of Zedland Farm

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