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Empowered Healing

Synergy Sessions


Together, we'll create a safe space to explore your wholeness. It is not about "fixing" you. Synergy sessions are an integrative way of connecting you back to yourself – your body, your mind, your spirit. I will walk alongside you as you go deeper within and heal. 


Bring it all to the table... I will meet you there.

2hr Discovery Synergy Session  - $200

On the table, we will look at things you may be curious about. We may reach corners you'd rather not look at yet. And, that's okay. You are in complete control. 


We will explore your wholeness – including:

Learning from your Body

  • Assessing your physical ailments

  • Discovering where your stress and/or stories are living in your body  

Learning from your Energy Systems

  • Exploring what your chakras have to share about your current life

  • Are there yin/yang imbalances present? 

Learning from your Mind

  • What story are you living?

  • What patterns have held you back?

  • Do you have limiting beliefs that need to be dismantled? Rewritten?

Learning from our Guides

  • Guardian angels, passed on loved ones, higher self, spirit guides (choose the language that feels good to you)

Feeling Forward

  • What is ready to be released?

  • Where do you have opportunities to grow?

  • What are you blocking or ignoring?

of consciously evaluating how you are showing up in your life.

  • Do you want to stay on this path?

  • Is it time to forge a new one? 


If you are broken down to your pieces you lose the holiness of your wholeness.

Bring it all to the table

I will meet you there."


Feeling into your next steps...

Integration and Conscious Heart-driven Choice

At the end of the session, you may know you want continued support. (That you want to, need to, and are ready to bring this work into your life.) It is also wonderful to take a week to let the session integrate through your being. This work is the most rewarding and fulfilling work that I know of, but it asks just as much from us.  The next synergy steps could be one or more of the following:


You may be new to intentional self-growth, or maybe you are just looking for a different perspective. No matter where you are on your journey, you will be met with love and compassion. This session is co-created for your highest good.

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