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on Zedland Farm with Erin Zedler   ~  Lomira, WI

Sowing Synergy Massage and Bodywork

5 Things everyone should know before getting a massage

Erin Zedler     
Licensed Massage Therapist  #12113
Embodiment Coach &  Thought Partner


Therapuetic Massage


Therapeutic Massage is used when treating a specific physical ailment.  Whether you are recovering from a joint replacement, healing from a sports injury, needing to boost your lymphatic system, finding new signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, or sciatic pain; or maybe you just woke up with a "kinked neck" and it isn't going away. This is a clinical massage and as you can see ts uses are vast.  There will be continued conversation during the session as we work together to assess and treat your specific complaint. 

Often it is helpful to work in conjunction with chiropractic and/or Physical Therapy

What Others Are Saying

"I had given up hope of ever having a pain free day.  I've worked with every type of provider over the last 15 years trying to heal an injury  I got chopping wood.  After working with Erin there are more and more days I don't feel pain and I can accomplish more around my farm!"


"After I had my knee replaced I was referred to Erin because my recovery was not going as hoped for.  I was happily surprised that she helped me learn from my new knee what it needed.  She included me in the process of breaking up the scar tissue (with kindness) and taught me how to manage the swelling on a daily basis."


"I was scheduled for just another massage with another massage therapist, and during the intake mentioned to Erin my problems with my right shoulder. She suggested we get into it and see what was going on.

After a few months of regular massage I was ecstatic to have an increase in mobility and a decrease in pain.  I have even started throwing the football with my son again!"


"I am a competative athlete and regularly push my body to it's limits.  Erin has helped me with numerous injuries and has brought my body awareness to a new level."


General Massage


If you have never received massage or have been getting massage and aren't seeing the results you were hoping for, this massage will empower you to maximize your experience.

You will learn the basics of being present, bringing your awareness from your thoughts to your physical sensations. Practice using intentional breathing, and conscious releasing to  enjoy longer results and empower you to use these skills off the table.   

Here your goal may be more general and chronic than acute and specific. 

It is a great starting place and is a wonderful introduction that will prepare you for a Synergy Session if hesitant to take that step.

Going beyond the physical...



$200/2hr session

Lomi Lomi Massage is a sacred Hawaiian-style massage.  It is more than just working with the physical body.  The long flowing strokes mixed with wringing and movement gently budge stagnant energy to reconnect our perceived parts into a whole.


To get the most out of this massage there may be some guidance on being present until the client is within the flow of the energy of the massage.  This is a time to let your mind rest and sink into the innate wisdom and servitude of the body.

There is a time for conscious self work and there is a time for rest. Lomi Lomi is a powerful way to honor you exactly as you are in this moment.  Whether you have just started are in the middle of or completed a healing journey lomi lomi will nourish you with compassionate loving energy. 

If you are broken down to your pieces you lose the holiness of your wholeness.  

Bring it all to the table

I will meet you there."



$200/2hr initial session

$150/90min follow up sessions

Your body is a reflection of your life:  

The stories that have shaped you, the beliefs you choose to hold, the way you show up with others. your fears, your joys. It's all present in your energy systems and manifests in your body.

Addressing only your muscles will not get to the root cause(s) except in the case of acute injury, or an old injury that was never fully addressed when massage became appropriate (See Therapeutic Massage, above, for these situations)

If you want to change the pattern of pain, fatigue, or tension...

you need to take in the whole that is you. 

Sink into, or create, your support systems.

Turn your attention and love inward.

Approach transformation from a place of honesty, bravery, and humility. 

At it's core, a Synergy Sessions is a safe place for you to show up exactly as you are in your wholeness and Erin will do the same.  She will help you flush out how your physical complaints may be connected to your life. (What is your body trying to tell you?!)


Some examples: 

Chronic shoulder tension and some migraines are often connected to the stress of too much responsibility - Actions: Start creating healthy boundaries and give yourself permission to ask for help. Learn practices that nurture self love.


Fibromyalgia clients often have a build up of fascia and their muscles hold chronic tension.  This can be seen as physical armoring built up in response to a lack of trust in the world. We all know there are plenty of reasons out there not to trust.  This is never about judgment.  It's about deep honesty and authenticity.  If the foundation of the lack of trust is based on traumas we can, and should, partner with a licensed mental health therapist. 

This is not a diagnostic process.  It is about connecting your story and your behaviors with your symptoms.  This looks different for everyone.  While the examples above have been seen in multiple clients, it's not a rule. Your cause may have a different effect.  Let's get curious and see what comes forward specifically for you!

Modalities and skills that can be applied: Massage, Energywork, Visualizations, Pranayama (breathing practices) BodyMind coaching, nervous system rebalancing, intuitive healing.

Tools: Oils, Crystals, Essential Oils, Oracles 



"If you’re looking to take your connection to self to the next level… to be reminded of your power and potential within, THIS experience is for you!

Jenny K.

"I have seen Erin for years, I cannot always explain what is happening, or what is different, but I find a new level of healing each session."


"I had lost myself in other's expectations.  Erin guided me back to my inner compass and gave me the tools to stay connected."


"I didn't even realize how much I needed someone to witness all of me.  Not just my parts."

Paula S.

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