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Learn how to take your power back – no matter your age or phase of life.

Desert Mountains

Understanding & Honoring Your Cycle(s)

Health advice rarely takes our cyclical nature into account. We are expected to behave as if our energy and needs are consistent. (Which they are NOT.) 


It's time to get curious and honor what your body is trying to tell you. 

Western medicine has long focused its research on men and has transferred that information to women as if our natural way of being is not unique. Problems in your cycle are often silenced instead of consulted as the health markers they are.

To break this open for the next generation we need to empower women of all ages to connect to these innate rhythms and pass down this ancient feminine wisdom. No one teaches us about the different phases of being a woman. Some phases are worshiped while others are shamed by society. Rarely are our parts of self and phases honored for their strengths – nor are we taught how to manage their shadows. 


In this interactive, 3-hour workshop, we’ll guide you toward transforming your relationship to your cycle by exploring:

  • Archetypes (behaviors/personalities) of our cycles

  • Hormones, ebbs/flow of energy, and other physical experiences

  • Impact on our brain chemistry

  • Metabolism support and aligned movement

  • Everyday spiritual practices to play with as you look for ways to align your work and life flow, take care of your needs, step into your wholeness, and reach your unique physiological and life goal(s) no matter where you are at in your monthly cycle and life cycle.

  • Circle conversations on personal experiences, troubleshooting common period problems, period products, syncing with nature & moon phases, and much more!

Workshop Guides / Creators


Erin Zedler, LMT

Sowing Synergy

Erin is a chronically curious student of life.  She is a somatic bodyworker, embodiment coach and intuitive living thought partner.  Nothing makes her feel more alive than finding the connections between the seemingly unconnected!

She believes in empowering her clients with knowledge and practices that nurture self trust and self love.


Kelly Darmody, MD

Functional Medicine

Dr. Kelly uses tools from traditional, functional and integrative medicine to evaluate chronic diseases and symptoms related to digestive issues, cardiometabolic disease, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance and mental health issues. Her goal is getting to the root cause of an illness rather than covering it up with a quick fix.


Jenny Knuth

Branch + Bloom

Jenny is a natural knowledge seeker, dreamer, and has a unique artistry in sharing powerful information. She loves channeling her creativity everywhere she casts her attention, from design consulting and lavender farming to product design inspired by her own explorations & desires.  

Workshop Details:

Date: November 12, 2023

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Venue:  The Nest Eatery (Mayville, WI)

$77/person, includes

  • Life-changing content

  • Snacks/refreshment

  • Cycle Journal (prototype) 

  • 4-weeks of continued information & prompts via emails

  • Access to an online community for sharing & support

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