The New York strip is the larger side of a T-bone or Porterhouse.  It is cut from the beef short loin. When they are separated, the butcher may leave that middle bone with the strip. The bone insulates the meat while cooking, which allows the steak to retain moisture and juiciness. 

Chef Tip: When you cook a bone-in steak, the portion closer to the bone cooks slower and the meat farther from the bone will cook faster.



New York Strip Steak Deposit

  • We require a $1.00 deposit for each cut of meat in a custom box.  When your order is received we will weigh each cut as we gather your custom box.  An itemized invoice for the final price (less your deposit paid) will be emailed. 

    Invoice must be paid in full before delivery/pick up.   If your invoice is not paid within 14 days you forfeit the deposit. 

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