Why You Should Switch to Pasture Raised Pork

Nourished Kitchen ~ Jenny McGruther

"So how do the commodity pork producers, the CAFOs, produce pork chops at such low prices that we see in the supermarket? In a word, subsidies. The government subsidizes the cost of fuel, fertilizer, grains, feed and more. They further lower their prices by using illegal immigrant labor, paying minimum wage or less, not paying their share of the social taxes, benefits and such. Then there are the environmental costs of the pollution from the factory farms. In the end, consumers pay for this one way or another, either through their taxes or at the checkout and through degradation of society and the environment. That is the cost of cheap food. But then you already know that since you are choosing to go for the alternative. The good news is there are a growing number of consumers who understand this and are looking for high quality food."~  Walter Jeffries Sugar Mountain Farm

Pastured Pork - Why this matters​​​

"We can honor the way animals and plants were designed to exist in nature — understand and embrace the “pigness of pigs” — and collectively raise our food in that vein."  Joel Salatin

Health Benefits  

Pastured Pork VS CAFO's

     -Higher in Omega 3 fats​

     -Lower in Omega 6 fats​

      -Higher in Vitamin E

Here at Zedland Farm, quality of life is paramount in our decision-making process.  This doesn't only go for us, as the farmers, but for our animals as well.  Through research and experience, we can attest that animals thrive when they are allowed to live as Joel says; in their natural habitat following their instincts.  


If you believe in sustainable agriculture that respects the land and want to support local farmers beginning in the field, we would be honored if you chose Zedland Farm.  We highly value the relationships we have built with our visitors during pumpkin season.  We look forward to sustaining and building new ones with our pastured meat enterprises. If you are interested in learning the benefits of pastured pork we highly recommend the following article by Nourished Kitchen.  Happy reading!

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