Welcome to the
Overlook at Zedland Farm

Wow! Just look at that glorious view!  If you feel like we do, no one does it better than mother nature. 


Why not just take a quick pause from scrolling, take a deep breath, and really sink into its beauty?

Since you wound up here we have a pretty good idea that you are newly engaged (or love someone who is) and of what you are looking for:  you want a gorgeous space where you can share your love and commitment to one another.  You want your family to be comfortable and have fun in an intimate park-like setting, where they can dance their hearts out or chill around the fire sharing memories of when you were little, and asking how did we get here so fast?

Most of all... you know you want to take in each moment to its fullest. 


You know that long after the decor is re-sold and the thank you notes are sent out, even the majority of your own gorgeous photos will slowly but surely be packed away to make way for your newest adventures...


It truly is the memories shared on this day that you will carry with you. Always. 

You may already be feeling the pressure, because you know you only get one chance at this and there are so many options out there,  but trust us... it really is going to be ok!  We are here to make this part of your journey so much easier.